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We are pleased to announce that the 53 public use lessons collected as part of the TIMSS video studies are now available for everyone on a new website, Users must register on the site to access the videos, but registration is free. In addition to the 53 full-length videos of eighth-grade mathematics and science lessons from seven countries, the site also provides full English-translation subtitles for each lesson, a searchable transcript, and a set of resources collected with each lesson such as scanned text materials and teacher commentaries. The site also includes a discussion forum where users can share ideas for how they are using the site, and suggest new features that might be added in the future. The site is a project of UCLA and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Funding was provided by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

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Algebra Teachers Social Network

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·Connect with mathematics teachers around the world focused on the teaching of Algebra

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·Use the 30 instructional applets directly with your students

·Share lessons, ideas, and successes with other teachers

·Access many Calculator Tutorials for you or your students

·Communicate with Network Moderators who are classroom Algebra teachers actively supporting the site and its members.The Algebra 4 All (A4A) Social Network is an online community of educators committed to sharing resources and supporting one another in the practice of teaching Algebra. The Network was created by Michigan Virtual University (MVU) to support teachers involved in the state-wide Algebra for All professional development project. The A4A Social Network is now public, has a world-wide membership, and remains a relevant and viable resource for any mathematics educator.

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Embracing Mathematics, Assessment, & Technology in High Schools (EMATHS) is a Michigan Mathematics and Science Partnership Competitive Grant project. The professional development courses offered on this site were developed as part of the "scaling up" efforts of the EMATHS project. The goals of the project are to increase teachers' content knowledge, to increase the use of best practices around classroom practices, and to embed technology into effective instruction. These courses have been designed around the 8 day face-to-face professional development workshops that are also a part of the EMATHS project.

Measurement Project

The Strengthening Tomorrow's Education in Measurement (STEM) Project aims to assist educators (classroom teachers, pre-service teachers, curriculum developers, and assessment professionals) in enriching students' classroom experiences and learning about the measurement of space (length, area, and volume). Currently, too many students learn measurement poorly and this hurts their understanding and progress in both mathematics and science. One central project task is to assess the capacity of current elementary mathematics written curriculum materials. We have explored this question by investigating three representative elementary mathematics curricula: Scott-Foresman/Addison Wesley's Mathematics (Michigan edition), Everyday Mathematics, and Saxon Math to support robust student learning. We have also completed some more cursory investigations of other elementary and middle school curriculum materials. Thus far, we have focused on elementary curriculum materials because measurement of all three spatial quantities (length, area, and volume) is introduced and developed in the elementary years. Understanding the limitations of current curricula helps us help teachers see how they can enrich their teaching and work with students.