Science Curriculum for K - 5

K-7 Units and Big Ideas

Science Builder - Vocabulary Tool This website gives definitions and examples of vocabulary words found in grades 2-6. Please note: The Username you must use is "michigan" and the password is "science."

Elementary Science Across the Grades  The Office of School Improvement has developed the Science Across the Grades companion documents to assist educators in their work with the Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCE). The Across the Grades K-7 documents provide a look at each GLCE in a matrix format across the grades. These "cross-grade" documents allow grade levels to be easily compared with each other. You will find three separate matrices which include the disciplines of Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth Science. Within each grade band, the expectations have been aligned to show progression of a concept from one grade to the next.

--- Earth Science 

--- Life Science 

--- Physical Science