IM Math Academy

IM Math Academy


During this two-day event, math educators will join an IM Certified Facilitator for an overview of the IM Math curriculum.

Throughout the two days, teachers, coaches, and administrators will  come to understand:

  • the structure of a lesson and the purpose of each component
  • where to find teacher and student resources in the curriculum
  • the purposes of different curriculum assessments and where to find opportunities for assessment
  • how instructional supports and extensions are used throughout the curriculum
  • the purpose of math content routines
  • the 5 Practices framework for productive discussion and how the framework supports teachers in their planning
  • the purpose of math language routines and how the routines support mathematical language development
  • a process for planning to teach a lesson in Unit 1and how the activities in a lesson are connected to the learning goal
  • the importance of norms in a problem-based classroom and considerations for establishing norms in the classroom


Day 1

  • Problem-based lesson structure
  • Assessment
  • Math Content Routines

Day 2

  • 5 Practices
  • Math Language Routines
  • Teaching Unit 1
  • Classroom Norms

Start with this 2-day introduction to IM Math, Teaching and Learning with IM Math Curriculum, and then continue your learning throughout the school year with monthly Unit Overviews.

IM Math Virtual Unit Overviews


Educators who attend an IM Math Academy have the opportunity to add-on Virtual Unit Overviews for continued support throughout the upcoming school year. The Virtual Unit Overviews meet approximately monthly and are designed to support teachers in making effective instructional decisions such as engaging students, effective questioning, pacing, formative assessment and differentiation, through making visible the big ideas and coherence within a unit, and how understanding the trajectory of learning goals across lessons supports effective planning.

Join our Virtual Unit Overviews to learn with teachers from a variety of districts or contact us for more information on district-specific options.


We’re finalizing IM Math Academy dates and locations for August 2020. Check back soon for more info.