Whether you’re new to IM Math or an experienced IM Math teacher, Professional Learning certified by IM and hosted by MMSLN offers a full spectrum of support. Start with Teach & Learn if you’re new to IM. If you’re an experienced IM educator, your continued learning will be supported with Teach & Respond. To explore each of your IM certified professional learning options, check out our full catalog on our Illustrative Mathematics landing page.

IM Certified Professional Learning is developed and continuously refined by the curriculum’s authors, who work hand-in-hand with IM Certified Facilitators to create high-quality learning experiences for mathematics educators. Our Virtual Unit Overviews are part of the Teach & Respond professional learning series.

IM Math Virtual Unit Overviews

Virtual Unit Overviews meet approximately monthly and are designed to support teachers in making effective instructional decisions such as engaging students, effective questioning, pacing, formative assessment and differentiation, through making visible the progression of understanding and mathematical story within a unit, and how understanding the trajectory of learning goals across lessons supports effective planning.

Join our Virtual Unit Overviews to learn with teachers from districts across the state or contact us for more information on district-specific options.

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