K-5 MMSLN/MSTA Science Resources

The standards-based resources are designed to engage K-5 learners in at-home science with low materials needs. Leveraging the Anchoring Phenomenon Routine (borrowed from nextgenstorylines), and integrating KLEWS charts, the MMSLN and MSTA materials include synchronous and asynchronous learning and lead to students’ at-home investigations.

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Anchoring Phenomenon Routine


  • are presented with a phenomenon or design problem
  • write and discuss what they notice and wonder about from the initial presentation
  • create and compare initial models of the phenomenon or problem
  • identify related experiences and knowledge that they could draw upon to explain the phenomenon or solve the problem
  • create a KLEWS chart, Know and Wonderings columns
  • identify potential investigations to answer the Wonderings questions on the KLEWS chart

Explore the grade level topics, phenomenon, and resources.