Recruiting K-5 Teachers for OpenSciEd Elementary Field Test

Does your district or school need:

  • Prepared elementary science teachers?
  • Support to get ready for a science adoption?
  • Leadership in elementary science?
  • High-Quality elementary science curriculum?
  • The best PL for elementary science?

If so, join us for the OpenSciEd Elementary Field Test. The OpenSciEd Elementary field test begins year one in August! Teachers at each grade will field test 2 units in each of the two field test years. They will meet together to learn more about science teaching at the elementary level. We are so excited to bring this opportunity to Michigan! Email Mary Starr for more information.

OpenSciEd Professional Learning through MMSLN

MMSLN is proud to be one of the 10 partner states of OpenSciEd. For several years, MMSLN has implemented an ongoing field test of all OpenSciEd units, created a professional learning team to service school districts across the country, and provided feedback and ongoing statewide support to OpenSciEd development teams. MMSLN is experienced and knowledgeable about OpenSciEd Middle School and High School OER science materials. 

MMSLN can provide any district with

  1. Introductions to OpenSciEd High School and/or Middle School materials
  2. Adoption support for school districts
  3. Ongoing professional learning supports for OpenSciEd teachers

MMSLN OpenSciEd Facilitators work directly with MMSLN and have been prepared by OpenSciEd.

MMSLN will create a customized Adoption and/or Professional Learning Plan for your district. Email Mary Starr, MMSLN Exec. Director, for more information. 

Informational Sessions

OpenSciEd is now a designed-for NGSS High School and Middle School science curriculum. Start with an informational session for your school leaders or teachers, personalized for your school district.

Informational Sessions will provide you with an overview of OpenSciEd materials, the development process, examples of the phenomenon and driving questions within the materials, and implementation data.

There will also be time for questions so you will better understand how OpenSciEd can meet your needs.

Ongoing Professional Learning Support

Both Middle School and High School OpenSciEd include high-quality professional learning experiences. Get started with a multi-day Launch or ask us to provide customized professional learning to meet the needs of your teachers and time demands in your system.

OpenSciEd Professional Learning includes time for teachers across grades or courses to work together. This allows for systemic understanding of the materials as well as grade and unit specific professional learning.

Summer PL Experiences – High School

Kick off OpenSciEd High School with a Launch experience. We are planning summer professional learning for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Middle School PLC 2023-2024

MMSLN PLC for Middle School OpenSciEd teachers begins September 14, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. eastern! Our 90 minute sessions provide a forum for learning more about OpenSciEd and sharing successes and challenges of OpenSciEd implementation. Please join us for these empowering discussion times. We meet every second Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. Register for this great opportunity.

Whether you are looking for ongoing support for teachers in OpenSciEd, an adoption protocol for your middle school or high school teachers, or just some information, OpenSciEd Professional Learning hosted by MMSLN offers a full spectrum of support. 

OpenSciEd Professional Learning is developed and continuously refined by the expert professional learning authors and highly-qualified, Michigan facilitators, who work hand-in-hand with OpenSciEd to create high-quality learning experiences for Middle School and High School science educators.

MMSLN is working with districts across the United States to provide high-quality professional learning experiences for all science teachers. We are a certified Professional Learning provider for OpenSciEd and rated Accomplished in the PLPG.

We will create a customized professional learning experience for your district. Email Mary Starr for more information.