MMSLN recognizes the Next Generation Science Exemplar (NGSX) as a ngsx logofoundational professional learning experience for understanding the 3-dimensional vision for K-12 science teaching and learning with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

NGSX is a 26-hour professional learning experience designed to engage teachers in explaining phenomenon by using science and engineering practices to uncover the crosscutting concepts and disciplinary core ideas. Throughout this experience, science educators learn as students, engaging in productive talk and public sense-making while developing and using models, engaging in argument from evidence, and constructing explanations by investigating phenomenon and classroom video cases.



MMSLN has certified 130 NGSX facilitators statewide.


Nearly 7,000 teachers have completed this first step toward Michigan science standards readiness.


MMSLN has supported 300 cohorts of teachers throughout the state.


Thanks to the efforts of the MMSLN, Michigan has had more teachers complete this first step toward NGSS readiness than all other states combined.

We have the highest level of preparation in ANY state in the country.

This map shows the percent saturation of NGSX completions based on the county where the professional learning took place vs. the total number of science teachers within the county.

NGSX in Michigan