Illustrative Mathematics Professional Learning empowers math educators to expand their understanding of how students learn, deepen their IM Math curriculum knowledge, and foster practices that impact student learning. IM Certified Professional Learning is tightly aligned and embedded with the curriculum, with the goal of building confident mathematics educators.

Certified PLPGWhether you’re new to IM Math or an experienced IM Math teacher, IM Certified Professional Learning (IM PL) hosted by MMSLN offers a full spectrum of support. MMSLN is also a certified PLPG provider so, with MMSLN, you can be sure to engage in some of the best professional learning opportunities available.

IM Certified Professional Learning is developed and continuously refined by the curriculum’s authors, who work hand-in-hand with IM Certified Facilitators to create high-quality learning experiences for all educators.

Check out our upcoming Illustrative Mathematics Academies on our MMSLN Math Zoom Events Hub. If you prefer to schedule district or school-based IM PL, please contact us.